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Helge å Model Forest Contact

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Helge å Model Forest, a collaborative endeavor dedicated to the sustainable management and conservation of our forest landscapes. Our project thrives on the synergy of diverse stakeholders, including forest owners, environmental scientists, local municipalities, and educational institutions, all united by a shared commitment to ecological stewardship and community engagement.

At the core of Helge å Model Forest is a network of passionate individuals and organizations, each contributing their unique expertise and perspective. From the hands-on knowledge of local forest owners to the cutting-edge research provided by academic partners like the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre at SLU, our collaboration is a mosaic of efforts aimed at fostering sustainable forestry practices and enhancing biodiversity.

We invite you to connect with us, whether to learn more about our initiatives, explore partnership opportunities, or contribute to our ongoing projects. Below, you will find the contact information for key members of our team, each playing a crucial role in steering the Helge å Model Forest towards its vision of a harmonious, sustainable, and thriving forest ecosystem for future generations.

Agne Andersson, Environmental Strategist:

Ebbe Nordell, Vice Chairman, Forest Owner:

Emil Grönkvist, Osby Municipality:

Ida Wallin, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre at SLU

Ingela Thulander, Älmhult Municipality

Ingrid Stjernquist, Forest Owner, Network Spillkråkan

Ingvar Nilsson, Forest Owner, Södra

Jan Lannér, Chairman:

Per Torstensson, Biosphere Reserve Kristianstad’s Vattenrike

Roger Johansson, Forest Owner, Södra